Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2nd Birthday Party

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Somehow, someway my baby is two...this has hit me hard. The fact that I have a FULL ON toddler and not a baby has weighed emotionally on me much more than I thought it would. This year for his second birthday we threw our little guy a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party. He has loved this show since he was little and after meeting Mickey at Disney a couple months ago the Mickey party was an easy decision. Here are the highlights...

First things first (this is not sponsored) if you have not purchased the quick fill water balloon Shark Tank invention yet you NEED to. Seriously...I bought these for E's party for only $9 at Walmart and they were worth every. single. penny. They filled over 100 water balloons in a matter of minutes and the kids loved them. Plus it was fun to watch them fill up and tie off all on their own. Totally genius. O.k. now back to the party.

The only negative to the party was it was outside. We had about 50 people and my house does not fit 50 people comfortably. Little did I know it would be the hottest day of the year. Seriously, heat index of 104...we have some amazing friends and family for sticking it out. Unfortunately we forgot to take a single photo of mommy and daddy with the birthday boy but I did manage to take some photos the party before the guests arrived. This sign greeted guests as they walked up. 

My mom, aka our all star cake maker,
 made the Mickey cake and cupcakes. 

These Mickey faces were posted all over the garage door as decor. (This picture makes me laugh as you can see us blowing up the awesome water balloons in the background.)

The party was set up in stations so next was the hopscotch game on the driveway. 

Since we knew it would be a hot one (not 104 mind you but yes still hot) we setup water stations around for the kids to plan in and asked them to wear bathing suits. So water stations were next. Another hit to the party was batting a water balloon off the tee. The kids LOVED it! 

We setup all the outdoor games like corn hole and ladder golf for adults and kids alike and then had this toss the ball in the Mickey bucket head for kids. 

To drink we had Pluto's lemonade and LOTS of water bottles in buckets. 

Here are the goody bags. The were stuffed with lots of Mickey items. 

We started a tradition last year where each year we buy a book for our birthday kiddo that is themed birthday of whatever kid of party they have. We have all the guest sign the book so the birthday boy can have it as a reminder of who all was at his party. 
The food table. 

 Included Donald's Dots, Goofy Grapes, Pluto's Cheetos, and others. 

Water, pinata, and gift fun.

Color a Mickey station.
My mother-in-law made this awesome 'pin the pieces on Mickey' felt board game for the kiddos. 

All in all, despite the heat, it was an another awesome party! We are so thankful for our sweet 2 year old! He is such a blessing we thank God for every day! 

If you missed his 1st birthday which was a Curious George themed party be sure to check it out here

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