Stories of "E"

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I am long overdo to catch you up on round 3 of "stories with E." This post is all about my fun, adventurous 2 year old and the funny thing he says and does. 

-He has the order confused on 'ready, set, go' so whenever he is about to race or do something he wants everyone to watch he says, "set, ready, go"

-He sings "rain, rain go away" (just those four words) over and over a thousand times a day; he can also sing Jesus loves me, happy birthday, ABC, and row your boat

-he LOVES blueberries and loves picking them at my dad's blueberry farm as well

-We are from the south and live in the south and in the south so that means we teach our kids to say "no sir and yes sir" and "no mam and yes mam," well little guy has learned that is what we say but hasn't learned the difference in gender so every adult who asks him something the answer is "yes sir or no sir"

-He is a fish in the pool. 

-We go to the lake frequently and both my husband and I wake board. Little guy is usually on the boat when we do and little did I know he has been big time paying attention. He has started taking his toy train that has a string to pull it around by and using that as his 'wakeboarding rope.' He says watch me Mommy and grabs the rope and comes up with his feet in a wakeboarding position. He even "jumps the wake," too funny

-He loves Star Wars thanks to his older cousins and uncle. He loves to have sword fights with his light sabors 

-He drives his Little Tykes car around and puts mulch in the gas pump for "gas"

-He loves to go fishing and sometimes catches fish, he was REALLY excited this past weekend to catch "a worm," it was his bait

I truly am loving and trying my best to appreciate every stage. Sometimes I miss having a baby but I am loving this stage and all the times he says "I love you, Mommy" and "want a kiss, Mommy." Time you can slow down just a bit. 

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