This weekend the most exciting thing happened...

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This weekend the most exciting thing little just turned two year old (in June) told me he needed to go potty and went pee-pee in the potty! Just like that it was that easy thanks to Pull-Ups with Mickey's on them. If you aren't a mom yet or haven't yet gotten to this stage in parenthood I totally understand why you are rolling your eyes and clicking the 'x' to stop reading this post. But if you have been there or want to soon be there you totally understand my excitement. 

Honestly I only did three simple things. So today I want to share my two simple secrets with you. I realize I may be very fortunate and that not every child may be as easy as mine (and trust me we aren't fully potty trained yet but we are getting closer every day as he has now gone potty over 10 times in last couple of days) but I truly think these few tips will help any child. I do want to encourage you guys and tell you that my son is a squirrel in that he is always on the go and could care less about sitting down. He loves games and doesn't care a lot about details. All that being said thanks to Pull-Ups and creating a fun potty spot he loves to go potty. 

1. I found these Pull-Ups that looked pretty neat at Walmart called Pull-Ups® Cool & Learn® Training Pants. I really liked them because this new Pull-Up design has a cooling sensation when your little one goes to the bathroom and thus gives your little one a reason to want to be changed. I also loved that it had easy open and re-seal sides. I purchased some last week and decided to give them on a try Saturday morning. Not even 15 minutes after putting one on my little guy told me he needed to go potty and went and sat on his potty and actually went. Note: he had already gone (maybe just a little?) in his Pull-Ups because I could feel it was cold. 

2.  I created an organized, fun potty spot for my toddler. It was easy and cost effective. Really all I purchased (in addition to the Pull-Ups Cool & Learn) was this neat potty I found at Walmart. My little guy helped pick it out in his favorite color (blue). We put it right next to the big potty to help him understand the concept. I hung a few pieces of his favorite art work above the potty which he LOVED. I also put a basket nearby that houses an extra Pull-Up and a few of his favorite books. Thanks to the Pull-Up he will go in to his special "potty spot" take off his own Pull-Up, sit down, and look at his books. We make a really big deal of it and are sure to tell him what a big boy he is.

3. This brings me to my last tip. We ask him a lot if he needs to go to the potty a lot and if he says yes we ask him if he wants to sit on the big boy potty but we never make him. If he says "no" that is totally fine with us. But when he does choose to we make it special (which honestly ever sense we created the special potty spot he has never said no) and if he goes we reward with lots of praise and a special sticker. We also let him flush the toilet when we put his "potty" in the toilet. 

I am seriously SO excited. You guys I never thought it could be this easy. But don't take it from me. Use this $2 off 1 package of Pull-Ups (or GoodNites) at Walmart 8/28-10/8 to find out for yourself how simple this process can be and learn more about Pull-Ups Cool & Learn available at Walmart. 

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