Knee Pain Can Make You "Hit Pause"

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Several years ago when Zumba was all the rage I was all about it...I went to Zumba class at least twice a week and loved every minute. That is until one day when I somehow managed to injure my knee while working out. The crazy part was it didn't hurt when I inquired it but I quickly realized (when trying to lift weights a few days later) that something was not right. Now, over five years later (and still not even 30 years old), it still causes me pain and I have to be very careful on what activities I participate in and which I choose to pass over. That means that I can't do any weight assisted squats and I have to be very careful when hiking which is one of my favorite weekend activities. 

Unfortunately, many like myself with hip and knee pain, can miss out on a lot when sidelined by their join discomfort. Simple activities like hiking, swimming, or dancing at a party may become painful and those with knee pain may feel like their life is on pause. Even in your everyday life the pain can be so severe that it causes you to say, "I'll just sit this one out" or, "I'll catch up with you guys later." Or, possibly worse, causes you to choose not to exercise or be as active as you should or would like to be. 

Thankfully we don't have to spend our life feeling like we are on the sidelines. You can "Hit Play" on your life and rejoin your friends and family doing the things you love. Don't keep missing out but instead talk to your doctor about treatment options today. Through therapy thankfully I am slowly but steadily working to regain the muscle in my knee and slowly increasing my activity level but I still have to be very careful and pay very close attention to when pain starts so I can stop it at the get go. Pushing it too hard has the reverse effect. You can find out more at regarding finding a physician in your area who can talk to you about potential solutions for your hip or knee pain. 

Watch the below video and visit the “Physician Locator” after the video ends.

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Constant Balancing Act

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Life would you slow down some? Pretty please...

Don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't do it all. It can all be done. Just not all at once. 

Life is a constant balancing act. It is a constant battle of picking which aspect of your life is the lowest at the moment and working to pick it back up. 

For me the last few months of my life have been spent pouring in to my full time job that has become more like a job and half over the last several months. Because of all the time and effort I am pouring in to work I have had to be even more intentional around doing everything I can to make the precious time I get with my sweet hubby and baby boy count (I know he is 2.5 but he will always be my baby boy, ok). I so look forward to our weekend full of fun family memories and crave those precious hours when I am not traveling that I get to curl up with my baby in my lap and say prayers, read books, and sing songs. That night time routine is one of the best moments of my day and I really miss it the days I am traveling. 

That being said I know this is just a phase and am oh so thankful to work for a company I love and am passionate about and to be surrounded by work "family" that truly is my extensive of family outside my immediate family. But at the end of the day my family always has and always will be my number one priority. That being said I feel like the blog has taken a back burner over the last few weeks and I am sorry. 

Just a great reminder to lean on God because He is the only one who knows the plans for us and the only one who can feel you up. 

I have so much to share with you sweet friends and so little time.

So why not start with what our life has looked like outside of work lately.

* We are in the VERY beginning process of designing our dream farm house to build on the land I grew up on - to say I am excited is an understatement - it is funny how your prospective changes over time, you would have asked me five years ago if I ever thought I would want to build on and raise my family in my forever home on the land I grew up on and my answer would have been an abundant "no." Now, there is nothing I would love more. We still have a lot of variables to figure out including timing, etc. but have just about settled on a house plan (hubs drew it himself) and are already falling in love with dreaming of our future in our own family compound in our dream farm house. 

This picture was taken a few weeks ago when we were out staking out where our house will go. This is our little two year old playing in the Little Tykes house I played in when I was two. It is over 25 years old! Pretty good plastic I would say. ;) 

* E, our two year old, has discovered raking and jumping in leaves and it is his new past time. This kid cracks me up. 

* Hubby's truck broke down (like literally stopped running) on the interstate in Atlanta this weekend with E in the back seat. HUGE praise they are both ok but we are bummed over the cost associated with repairing this new truck that we have already poured a lot on money in to this year. Goodbye vacation. Hello same money sucking pit of a truck. Hope we enjoy you as much as we would have Hawaii. 

* This past weekend we headed up to our family lake home for some much needed R&R. My grandmother recently purchased a new pontoon and we all approved. 

Well that's life for now. I am writing from a hotel room in San Antonio and falling asleep so must end for now. Goodnight friends. 

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