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I have said it before but I will say it again…our two year old is two going on twelve. He has a crazy vocabulary and puts together very long sentences that are not typical for a two year old. You just never know what he is going to say...he pretty much keeps us laughing all the time. I just know my grandmother is right…if I don’t write these stories down I will forget them so with that being said I am long overdue for another segment of “Stories of E,” in which I share with you some of the funny things (that I can remember) that our two year old says.

**Last night we were reading his Veggie Tale version of The Nativity Story which features all the characters from Veggie Tales as Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the wise men, etc. (you get the idea). I was reading him the last page in which Baby Jesus is born in the stable and said see the wise men (which were Bob the tomatoes). He responds “No, no, Mommy those aren’t wise men. Those are tomatoes.”

**He is WAY into football. It is his favorite thing right now. However, he refers to all football as “Go Dawgs” (hey, what can we say we are raising him right aren’t we). He asks us every morning what time the Go Dawgs game starts today to which we have to respond that it is not on until Saturday. He asked me today as normal what time the Go Dawgs game is coming on and I told him the season is over and they won’t play again until their bowl game to which he responds by bawling his little eyes out. On the same note our daily battle right now is that he only wants to wear Go Dawgs clothes. The child has two full closets and two full dressers (no lie) full of adorable clothes and if it doesn’t have a bulldawg, football, or G symbol on it he doesn’t want to wear it. In order to get him to wear some other clothing we have told him that Mommy went to college with the go dawg guys and that all the other clothing is what they would wear to classes. So now if he is wearing any “normal” clothing he will say “I am wearing my Go Dawgs college shirt today.”

**The other day I picked him up from school and he tells me “I pushed my friend (insert friend’s name here).” I of course respond with “What? Why? We don’t push our friends!” He says, “He is always trying to talk to me and he doesn’t talk very clearly and it is frustrating.” Uh…excuse me but did you just say that?

***He loves singing and is ALWAYS singing. His favorite movie right now is Frozen and he walks around our house singing “Let It Go” all. The. Time. Other favorite songs of his include “Twinkle, Twinkle,” “Baw, Baw Black Sheep,” “Jesus Loves Me,” and “ABC” but he will also make up his own songs using the names of any of his friends or family members.

**Most all of his buddies in his class either already have a baby brother or sister at home or are about to have a baby brother or sister. E has decided he also wants one and has been telling everyone he is going to have a sister (NO I am not pregnant and YES it is super fun when your son goes to school at your work and tells everyone you work with he is going to have a little sister). Even though we have told him over and over he isn’t right now he will argue with you until your blue in the face and say “Yes I am!” We told him that is something he has to ask God for so he has been praying for a sister and the other day he says “how come God hasn’t brought my sister yet?”

·  **He absolutely loves his two older nephews and is in to anything they are- hence our Star Wars and dirt bike obsession. He walks around the house in his Storm Trooper mask and will “shoot you” with his light up gun and then will pull his mask off and say “here I am! I missed you!” 

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