Our Snow Weekend

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A few weeks ago our crazy Georgia weather reporters started talking about how we were going to get hammered with snow. So while most of our fellow Georgians went to buy all the bread and milk they could possibly buy we decided to be crazy and drive north to make sure we got to play in the snow. Some of our best friends live up in north Georgia in a little town called Ellijay (which we have fallen in love with and I highly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance) anytime we have a chance to hangout with them is a win for us - snow or not - so we decided to take our chances and packed up our car and headed north.

Ya'll it was a good decision.

Now before you start in with your judgment I need you to know a few things: 1) this is actually a lot of snow for GA 2) this was our little guys first snow and his third winter so were crazy excited 3) yes that is a wrapping paper roll....don't ask

We had so much fun. All in all there ended up being 6-8 inches depending on how far up the mountain you went. 

We spent a ton of time outside sledding which was a total blast.

 And the rest of the time we spent loving on this little cutie. Baby H. 

So that leaves me with a question...is snow still this much fun if you get it all the time? I am sure the answer has to be no but for a girl who has never lived outside the state of Georgia I can't imagine not getting giddy at the site of snow.

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