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Time flies. How is it already March? 

Last weekend we had the opportunity to spend as a couple with a few of our awesome friends (who just happen to make up our church small group) in the mountains and it was AMAZING. We had the best time. We laughed and laughed and laughed some more. It was good for the soul! Oh and the mountain roads were CRAZY.

Currently I am in St. Louis for a work trip and it is freezing. 

OH - and I found the BEST yard sale find ever last weekend. I only paid $20 for this you guys. Worth. every. penny. 


So far this year I have finished:

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover
LOVED IT. Give it a 9/10.

Magnolia Story by the Gaines
Also loved it! Another 9/10. This one I of course had to read on my plane flight down to Waco (which you can read all about here). It was great. Really great writing and so interesting. 

Currently I am reading:  

The Secretes of Midwives by Sally Hepworth
So far so good. Good but not great. I think it is wrong to rank before you are finished so I will rank once I finish. Look for my ranking in a later post. 

The Optimistic Workplace by Shawn Murphy
Ok so I am only a little over one chapter in to this book but so far I love it! Stay tuned for a final ranking once I finish.


The Bible App's Devotional Plans. 

Ya'll I love these. You can download free devotional plans (many are only 5-7 days long which I love) on just about any topic through the Bible App for FREE. They are really good studies and are offered by some of my favorite authors. 

I just finished "Your Home is An Embassy," and I will never think of my home the same way again. Highly recommend it. 

Currently I am working through "40 Days of Lent," and "Find Purpose and Passion In Your Daily Work."


We have booked our summer vacation! Get ready...we are going back to the happiest place on earth! Spending the first half of our week at the beach and the rest at Disney. SO EXCITED. Even though we were just there last May (and technically I was at Disneyland in November) we can't wait to get back! 
BIG NEW - prepare yourselves! We are going to build our dream farmhouse. We are in the very early stages of planning right now but having a blast designing. For those of you who have built your forever home please send me all your tips! 


All the bills I need to pay this weekend, errands I need to run, and all the steps to get our current house ready to list on the market. Oh and meeting with a lender to find out exactly how a construction loan works. That's not the fun part. I just want to start designing and planning. 


These two guys make me SO happy. The littlest one makes me laugh every day. He is such a pill and so sweet at the same time. His latest line is "Mommy, you my best buddy." Be still my heart. 

Two other really neat products I am loving from my hair care routine are below. Be sure to check them out:

1. Five Best Quiet Hair Dryers
2. Simply Straight Hair Brush

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