That Easter Weekend that My 2 Year Old Saw Angels and Told Iranians About Jesus

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It has been a little unbelievable yet somehow awesome Easter weekend. Why do I say that - well maybe the title of this post sparked your curiosity?!? If not let me say it again...this weekend my two year old 1) saw angels and 2) got to witness to two Muslims who just immigrated to America from Iran about Jesus. 

Let me explain.

Friday morning, ironically Good Friday, my husband went in to little E's bedroom to wake him up to get ready for school just like he always does. Except this morning their conversation was very different than normal. Our two year old son tells his Daddy, "Daddy last night there were two angels in my bed and it scared me. They were standing in front of my blanket and I was scared but they said don't be scared." He went on to tell him, "they were like people kind of but not really and big." The conversation continued with a few more details but the facts didn't change. 

Meanwhile I am in my bathroom getting ready for work. Josh comes in and says, "uh, might want to ask E to tell you about last night..I'm pretty sure he saw an angel." Totally confused (we have not talked AT ALL about angels to our TWO YEAR OLD son) I ask E if he slept well last night and he continues to tell me the same thing he told his Daddy. Except this time there is a little more. "Last night there were two angels in my bed and it scared me. And I was scared but Daddykeith said 'don't worry - it's ok - I'm always right here." 

By this point I am literally bawling. Daddykeith is my precious grandfather who was a second dad to me my whole life until his tragic and unexpected passing seven years ago. Needless to say my two year old son has never met or talked to my sweet DaddyKeith has he passed away 5 years before he was born. He has seen a couple of pictures and heard us talk about him some but it would be very strange for him to dream about someone he has never meant. None the less I tend to be a skeptic and asked him if anyone else was there...kind of expecting him to say yes my grandmother was also there or my mom or dad or Josh or I - basically anyway to confirm he had instead had a dream which included Daddykeith - still strange but possible. He shook his little head and said "NO, Mommy. Just Daddykeith and the angels. You guys are not angels." I went on to ask him why if he were scared he didn't call for Mommy and Daddy. He responds, "because Daddykeith told me it is ok and he is ALWAYS right there." 

How in the world does a two year "dream" about his great-grandfather he has never meant and angels and describe so clearly what he saw. I'm not sure what in the spiritual realm was happening in my home Friday but I sure am beyond delighted to know my sweet grandfather is watching my son. I also know that until this weekend the spiritual realm was something I read about in the Bible and believed but honestly the thought of angels and even demons tended to seem more like a fable than a reality. This weekend my perspective is totally changed. 

Hebrews 1:14 (ESV)
14 Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?

Pretty amazing right? And that was just the first story from this weekend. Here is the second. 

Today, for Easter, we went to my parent's house for Easter dinner. My mom teaches ESL and texts us about an hour before dinner and says one of her students and his wife are coming to join us for dinner. Long story short they are a Muslim couple that have just immigrated here from Iran. Little E had brought his resurrection eggs (that I blogged about in a recent post) to my parent's house because he wanted to show them to his grandparents. Little did he know when we put them in the car our two year old son would actually use these eggs to tell this Iranian couple about the Easter story and that it would be the very first time they would have ever heard this true story. Who knows what, if anything, will come of it but I do know that not many two year old's get the opportunity to witness or share about Jesus with someone who has never heard about him. 

Yup, pretty amazing weekend if you ask me. 

And just for fun here are some pictures of my family this Easter weekend. 

The three of us after church on Easter

little "E" before church

I love this man - fun on the farm egg hunting

fun "tiger" face painting at the egg hunt 

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