Welcoming spring with open arms

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Such a sweet word. Today was a simple but perfect Sunday. After church we spent the full day outdoors doing our annual mulching and major yard work and left enough time to play in the yard, read books, eat dinner outside, and make s'mores around the campfire. So thankful. Truly soaking up ever second of our last few weeks with a two year old. How is it some of the most unplanned, uneventful days can turn into some of the most special?

The last two weeks Georgia has been experiencing the most beautiful spring. As the trees awake from their slumber and spring flowers begin to bloom, it makes my heart jump with joy. Even the pollen can't get me down (thanks to the frequent thunderstorms we are having). 

By the way if you don't already own a set of Resurrection Eggs and you have kids at home you MUST order some. Pulled these out with the Easter decor today and it was so special going through each egg with our almost three year old. My favorite part? When he opened the last egg (the white one) and it was empty and he said "I was so surprised it was empty" and I got to use that as a tool to explain the resurrection to him. Just awesome.

Our God is an awesome God isn't He?

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