It's Not a Party Unless Someone Throws Up

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Today is our sweet boy's 3rd birthday! I can't believe it! It feels like just yesterday I was going through a horribly hard labor to bring this little boy into the world! This birthday was so much better in all ways but one...

It is always nice when your birthday falls on a weekend and you can have your party on your actual birthday. Today we celebrated E's birthday...get ready here comes the story referenced in the title of this post. Ya'll it was SO nasty. We celebrated E man's birthday at Monkey Joe's (a blow up house park for kids). After many attempts to get him to nap before his party we were totally unsuccessful and gave up. He told us, "I am too excited to sleep." Needless to say come cake and present time he was literally falling asleep at the table. The party package we purchased came with pizza, a large cup of Hawaiian punch, and cake (well my mom actually made the cake but it was still included in the sugar count). He downed the Hawaiian punch. After we were done with "party" time he went back to jump with his friends. He hadn't been on the blow up jump obstacle course five minutes when I heard him crying and when in after him. I pick him up, he is bawling and told me he got hurt. I start making my way out when he starts puking ALL OVER ME. I am not talking about a little bit. He and I were both SOAKED in puke. The chaos ensued. We weren't sure if he had a concussion which was making him puke or even if he had bumped heads with the kid he collided with, or,  if it was a total random stomach bug, or the after fact of all the sugar and bouncing. Praise God it turned out to be the tummy full of punch + bouncing right after. SO SO NASTY. Literally the first time someone has covered me in vomit and I sure hope it is the last. Good thing I love this little guy to death. All in all in was a great party and he had a blast with all his friends! 

Pre-Vomit Family Photo

I got so emotional last night about him turning 3...Somehow I blinked and the 2's are over and my sweet boy is 3! Oh how I love this precious gift God blessed our family with 3 years ago! This kid is super smart, super stubborn, and keeps us laughing all the time. His teachers think he might be a comedian when he grows up but his daddy and I think he will make a great boss, haha. Whatever he does as long as he continues to follow God I can promise you this little one will move mountains!

His favorite foods are: anything sweet, pasta, pepperoni pizza, and orange chicken

His favorite things to do are: play sports (any but really loves basketball, soccer, and golf), ride his bike, climb and do flips, swim, and build.

This little boy sings ALL the time, adores his cousins and his school friends, loves singing to Jesus and gives the best hugs and kisses! I'm so blessed to be your Mommy, E, hard labor, throw-up and all! Happy birthday - we love you so! 

To cheer up my sadness on the fact I know longer have a baby, Mommies I need your help...what is the best thing about the age 3? 

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