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As I sit here on the back porch on a much needed wonderful week of vacation with my little boy watching a gorgeous thunderstorm come over the mountain in my happy place with a lovely glass of red I thought it would be appropriate to write about just a few of the things lately that I am loving. 

1) First off can I just say this thunderstorm I am listening to.... I mean really. I had to take a video and post to my Facebook. You can check it out here
2) My smallgroup. We joined a new small group almost a year ago now (wow has it almost been that long, really?). You know how some times in life God just brings people into your life and you are like yup, "these are my people." That's totally how I feel about these people. Here is a photo of us all on a cabin trip back in February. 

We most recently completed an Andy Stanley study about how God does not always answer our prayers with a "yes" but he will give us the peace we need to get through (cue why does cancer exist/why do good things happen to bad people, etc). Case in point is God didn't even answer Jesus' prayers when Jesus prayed to God to take "this cup from him" talking about the night before Jesus was betrayed, beaten,humiliated, and ultimately crucified. Anyway all that to say I feel like God has granted me a lot of peace lately in some pretty stressful situations and for that I am so very grateful. 

3) In the last couple of weeks three of my best friends have had babies - and I have gotten to hold and cuddle two of them (dying to meet the other but she lives in Baltimore). Something about holding a baby is just the most wonderful thing ever. Am I right or am I right?

4) I am loving soaking up the last couple of weeks of having a two year old. He is so smart, so strong willed, yet so sweet and keeps me laughing ALL. THE. TIME. Plus we are making progress on the potty training this week (praise hands). I love getting to spend quality time with him and just enjoy being a mom to this wonderful precious guy. 

5) My beautiful brother and sister in law are making me an aunt again to a precious little girl and I couldn't be more excited!

Well it's time to cuddle up and watch some TV. Night everyone! 

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