Our Day at SeaWorld & Tips for Traveling with Little's - Post #2

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If you missed my first post on our vacation trip this year you can read about it here

The second part of our trip we woke up early (got donuts, of course) and drove from Redington Beach to Orlando and headed straight to SeaWorld. Ya'll, I'm going to be honest - the SeaWorld day was a last minute add in - we originally planned to spend Wednesday as a pool day at our hotel in Orlando and go to downtown Disney for dinner. Last minute (like the week before we left) we decided to do SeaWorld. I was a little skeptical - the last time I remember attending SeaWorld I was 10 and while I enjoyed it (almost 20 years ago) it didn't quite leave a lasting impression. Ya'll....we ending up LOVING SeaWorld. So much so we are already planning to go back next year. It was so awesome. 

Not only were the animals and shows incredible but they now have four awesome roller coasters along with several other adult rides a TON of rides for younger ones. Our almost two year old was in heaven. We got there right when the park opened and closed the park down, waited in no lines, and still didn't come close to getting to do everything. 

Also, the food was so good. So much better than other theme parks and actually affordable. So much so that I had to do some research to find out why and discovered that SeaWorld is actually owned by a restaurant company. 

The first ride we rode was this journey through Antarctica ride which lead you to an exhibit with live penguins. So neat but be warned it is VERY cold!

The "One Ocean" Orca Whale show was so good we literally went three separate times.

We also loved the Dolphin show...so good!

They had this awesome kid's section that E man could have stayed in all day long. He loved it. Here are a few highlights from that section.

Like I already mentioned there are some incredible roller coasters at this park if you are a coaster fan. And you can not beat the animal exhibits. 

We honestly can not wait to go back!

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