Our Big News

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Well friends...we have big news! We have listed our first home as a family of three on the market. This home is so special to us in that it is where we have made so many incredible memories including bringing our little boy (who is now three) home from the hospital. We have loved everything about this home and while we look forward to what is to come we will miss this incredible home, location, amenities and great neighbors so much. 

In our five years in this sweet home we have completed too many to count home DIY projects, hosted friends, and made countless memories. While the thought that our home is on the market is a tad bittersweet we are so very thankful for God's amazing provision and always providing exactly what we need when we need it. Now we are just hoping we get an amazing offer soon and hoping we can find a short term rental home for the interim. Especially since we are paying month to month for a storage unit to house our family photos, toys, and a ton of our clothes as we 'stage' our home.

Now on to even bigger news- we are in the early stages of building our dream farmhouse. We have spent the last couple years dreaming and the last month or so working with an architect to get our house plan just the way we want it as we plan for this to be our forever home. We actually plan to build on five of my parents 30 acres. This land is very precious to us for a variety of reasons. It is where I grew up, we got married, and the grandparents will now be in walking distance. Not only that but as we approach Kindergarten we will be zoned for awesome schools and will also shorten my husband's commute (mine will extend but only by about 10-15 mins).  

We are so excited to take you all along with us throughout this journey of building our dream farmhouse! 

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