Sunday Funday / Atlanta Favorites

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This Sunday was SO fun! Anytime I get to spend with my boys is my favorite but this Sunday was extra special as we got to experience two Atlanta iconic fan favorites with some of our friends (if you are planning a trip to Atlanta these both need to be places you visit). 

We started off our family fun date with a trip to the Varsity for lunch. If I am completely honest I really do not care for the food at the Varsity (with the exception of the Frosted Orange, because who doesn't like a Frosted Orange?) but let's be honest...that is not why you go.  You go for the experience and because it is an Atlanta staple. Don't believe me...check out the strangers behind us eating Veggie chips (AMAZING). 

The little boy we went with is E's best friend. They are in the same class at school and his parents are some of Josh and I's best friends. 

After our trip to the Varsity we headed over to the Fox Theater to see Paw Patrol Live. These two little boys love Paw Patrol (Marshall is there favorite) and we love the Fox (such an amazing venue and so much Atlanta history) so we thought it would be a great trip to take them to their first Fox Theater performance.

We had such a great time. The little guys loved the show and the I enjoyed showing off the Fox to E for the first time.

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