The most exciting news ever, ever

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Our big reveal

Hello friends! I hope all are staying safe and dry from hurricane Irma. I have been cooped up in a hotel room all day and am starting to go a little stir crazy but so thankful that my family is safe and so far we have had no damage to our home. 

This past weekend we found out the gender of our baby and got some AMAZING news....please click on the link above (at the top of this post) to watch our big reveal...

THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS. We are having a GIRL. We are literally THRILLED. So incredibly thankful to God for this huge blessing! Little Brighton will arrive in February and we are so excited for her arrival and love her so much already. 

When the ultrasound tech told us we were having a girl I started bawling so hard that she was like "um, you are going to have to stop crying for me to get the rest of this ultrasound" lol!  I may have asked her about 20 times if she was sure it was a girl. Needless to say we couldn't be any happier including big brother who swore she was a girl all along. 

We were so incredibly overjoyed and in shock that I sadly forgot to get any pictures from our little gender reveal family with family other than the two below. 

Having been cooped up in a hotel room all day the day after finding out I am having a girl I have been doing a little shopping ;). I have found some adorable outfits on Amazon for sweet Brighton. Yes, that's right Amazon has adorable outfits that are super affordable. I bought the below cute outfits. 

For everyone with girls I need to know...where are you favorite places to get girly things?

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Our Big Miracle

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We are THRILLED to announce we are expecting baby #2 in February! (I realize this photo says March but we took the photo before we had the official date because we knew I would be gone for job training when it was time to announce). After a year and half of struggling with infertility due to a number of factors including complications from birth of our first child and ultimately being told we had less than a 0.001% chance of being able to conceive naturally again we are so excited and thankful to God for this miracle baby that ultimately came as the most wanted, yet unexpected surprise! While timing initially seemed a little crazy with me having just started a new job that puts me on the road a lot and right at the time where I am kicking off 6 weeks of intense training away from home we are still so thankful and trusting in God that His timing is always the best timing. Big brother is thrilled as well and he says, "God has finally answered his prayers just like I knew He would." He swears the baby is a girl. We will find out Sunday....can't wait! Now if we can just get this sickness to pass that would be oh so wonderful. 

We will have a planned c-section this go round due to complications from my last birth; however, I am very grateful to have found a doctor who will complete a family Cesarean (more about this later - if you are interested you can google for more information). 

While we are absolutely thrilled and praising God for our little miracle I still post this with bitter sweet emotions very well aware that some of my readers will see this and feel a sting in their heart because they want a baby so badly and are praying madly for their own blessing and God has not yet answered their prayer. To that someone please know precious friend that I know that sting so very well and am praying for you even though I may not know who you are...even though I am probably the last one you want to talk to right now please know I am here to talk if you ever want someone to talk to. Know it's ok to feel sad. Also trust me in believing God's timing and plans for your family is always best although I know from personal experience it may not always feel like it in the moment! 

"I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him." 1 Samuel 1:27

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