20 Weeks - Halfway There

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Today marks the halfway mark of my pregnancy, and I can hardly believe it. I’m officially five months pregnant, and it’s been quite the whirlwind. While on some days, I can’t remember ever not being pregnant, it also feels like just yesterday that I was getting that absolute miracle news that after being told we would never have another child we were expecting again. For my post today, I wanted to give you an overall update on how I’m feeling and what’s been going on for the last few months. 
While I feel insanely blessed to be carrying this little one inside of me, not everything about pregnancy is pretty. Sometimes it's hard and exhausting. The first trimester I was very sick and have only gained 4 lbs to date because of how often I was throwing up. Combine that with super early days and super late nights due to my job training and full days and it was a tough season but **knock on wood** the morning sickness seems to be letting up some and I am feeling a LOT better! Now if my energy would just pick up...
Cravings: El Fudge cookies and Taco Bell...I know....so weird and so unhealthy but I could literally eat a pack of those cookies and a taco everyday
Feeling: REALLY tired but sickness is starting to get a little better although I still can't attempt pre-natals before 5pm
Movement: While I have felt her for a few weeks my husband was able to feel her move for the first time this morning which was super special there is nothing quite like it - it is so cool and so amazing all at the same time 
Excited about: decorating her nursery and seeing her in an ultrasound on Monday - we have all her bedding picked out and I am really starting to get that urge to "nest" 

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30 hours in Chattanooga

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This past weekend we made a fun little family getaway trip to Chattanooga. I think this town is easily looked over and I am not sure why...it is very close to Atlanta (only 2 hours), offers lots of fun for kids and adults alike, and has great food. I would go as far as to say it is a little hidden gem. 

We drove up Friday night and stayed in a Marriott property that offered complimentary breakfast and an indoor pool (because let's be honest - to a 3 year old you are winning with those two amenities alone).

We started off our day by making the trip to Rock City for their Oktoberfest event. It was SO much fun! Our little guy loved exploring all Rock City has to offer and meeting the characters that were there special for the Oktoberfest event while my husband enjoyed the Oktoberfest beverages. ;)

We stayed at Rock City until a little after lunch time exploring and having fun and then headed to Ruby Falls. Ruby Falls was in the process of renovation and the lines were long but well worth the wait. E thought the caves and "HUGE" waterfall were so awesome. 

After Rock City were drove just about a mile up the road to watch the incline railway come down the mountain and check out the cute country store on the side of the road. After watching that we headed to downtown Chattanooga to enjoy a delicious dinner and live bluegrass music by the river. 

We concluded our trip Sunday morning with a little indoor hotel pool time and drove the two hours back to Atlanta. 

I highly encourage you to consider Chattanooga as a fun family weekend getaway. If you go during the month of October they have a ton of family friendly (and even adult haunted houses) that I think would be a blast to participate in...

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Secrets from a Traveling Mommy: Dressing the Kids

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This is my second in a series of hacks I have discovered as a working, traveling mommy. If case you missed my first post you can view it here

While I can't take the credit for this idea (a fellow traveling, working mommy shared this one with me) it has been a lifesaver and time saver for our family so I wanted to pass it along to others. 

One thing I noticed as I started to travel more was that my husband would often put our son in the same outfits over and over again and it was not always exactly what I would have chosen he wear that day. When I asked my husband why he rotated between the same couple of outfits his answer was simple. He choose whatever was at the top of the drawer as mornings are very pressed to get out he door and he does not have time to sit there and shift through clothes to find a new outfit. 

Upon this discovery and a suggestion from a friend I purchased a hanging 10 shoe organizer off of Amazon (for like $8) and now I pre-pick out outfits on Sundays while I am home for our son to wear for the next 10 days. This makes life so much easier on all of us. For one I know my son matches and will be appropriate for the day, for two it makes life a lot easier on my sweet husband who has 10 outfits all picked out, matched, and ready to go, and for three in case our three year old son is having a picky day and does not want to wear the outfit I selected for him he has 9 other options to pick from. Below are some photos of this tip in action...it has truly been a lifesaver for our family and I hope it helps you too! 

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Our Kitchen Remodel

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Well friends I am sorry if I have been a little MIA lately. Friday I graduated from six rigorous weeks of off-site training for my new job. During those six weeks the job training and growing a baby were about all I could manage but now that I am done I am very much looking forward to getting back to normal life and all of you. 

My rock-star of a husband not only supported and encouraged me every step of the way while I was away in training but also killed it as a single dad AND also somehow managed to complete a gorgeous remodel of our kitchen while I was gone. 

While he subbed out the painting of the cabinets and the granite work he completed all the tile, back splash, and plumbing work himself and we couldn't be more happy with the way it turned out. Remodeling our kitchen is something we have wanted to do since we moved in over 5 years ago but it has never made it high enough on the priority list from a budgeting perspective. Now that our home is on the market we decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and do the remodel in hopes it would help sell the home. 

The only problem? We love it so much and it makes our home look so much better and bigger that now I don't want to move! Ha. Why is it that we make our homes look the absolute best when we list them on the market?

We went with Riverwhite exotic granite and eggwhite painted cabinet. Here are some more detailed pictures of the kitchen remodel.

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