Secrets from a Traveling Mommy: Dressing the Kids

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This is my second in a series of hacks I have discovered as a working, traveling mommy. If case you missed my first post you can view it here

While I can't take the credit for this idea (a fellow traveling, working mommy shared this one with me) it has been a lifesaver and time saver for our family so I wanted to pass it along to others. 

One thing I noticed as I started to travel more was that my husband would often put our son in the same outfits over and over again and it was not always exactly what I would have chosen he wear that day. When I asked my husband why he rotated between the same couple of outfits his answer was simple. He choose whatever was at the top of the drawer as mornings are very pressed to get out he door and he does not have time to sit there and shift through clothes to find a new outfit. 

Upon this discovery and a suggestion from a friend I purchased a hanging 10 shoe organizer off of Amazon (for like $8) and now I pre-pick out outfits on Sundays while I am home for our son to wear for the next 10 days. This makes life so much easier on all of us. For one I know my son matches and will be appropriate for the day, for two it makes life a lot easier on my sweet husband who has 10 outfits all picked out, matched, and ready to go, and for three in case our three year old son is having a picky day and does not want to wear the outfit I selected for him he has 9 other options to pick from. Below are some photos of this tip in has truly been a lifesaver for our family and I hope it helps you too! 

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