2017 in Review

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It’s hard to believe that today is my annual year in review.  How is 2017 almost over?  When I think back on this year, I have a lot of mixed emotions.  It was a year full of some really low-lows and some really high-highs. 2017 was packed full of change we never anticipated this time last year.  God has used this year to teach me to rely deeper on Him and TRUST Him as His plan is always so much better than mine. 

2017 marked some crazy events for our family:
  • It was the year that we were told after over a year and half of trying to get pregnant, lots of tests, doctors, etc. that we would never be able to naturally conceive again.
  • It was the year I was approached about a new job opportunity (which would mean much more travel but also a great new opportunity) and decided after much prayer (and the news that there would not be a newborn in our future) to step out in faith and accept the job opportunity which also meant leaving a job and a work family I loved. 
  •  Fast forward to only one month (3 weeks to be exact) after starting new job when we found out to our extreme shock and complete delight were (totally naturally) expecting a baby. I then got to share that news with my brand new boss. 
  • Starting a new job meant six weeks of intense round the clock very strenuous but also very rewarding training for me. It meant lots of sacrifice in being away from my family and also lots of prayer in making it through long hours of work and study while very sick during the first half of my pregnancy. But it also resulted in creating new friendships with fellow classmates that will last a lifetime and learning and experiencing lots of new things. Ultimately it led to the most professional growth I have experienced in the last 6 years and while I miss my old team has been such a huge blessing.
  • A few months later we found out God had again answered our prayers and was blessing us with a baby girl (which our son had so preciously been praying for specifically).
  • We began making plans late spring to put our current home on the market, completed countless home remodels/repairs including a full kitchen remodel in our current home, staged the house, put 80% of what we own in storage, and listed our home. Followed by that we had over 70 showings. 
  • We worked with an architect to design our dream house plans and began getting estimates on building but decided to hold off to move the needle further until the house sold. Fast forward five months later to the week of Christmas, house still on the market, and we decided to pull it off due to the upcoming arrival of a new baby. 
  • This year also brought the tragic loss of one of my Uncle's from a horrible death and also the loss of one of my husband's Uncle's from Alzheimer's. 
  • It also brought the birth of several of my closest friends babies, a new niece, and new friendships. 
  • We mastered potty training this year! Praise the lord! And moved up to a big boy bed.
  • This year included some great vacations and travel including a trip with my man to Waco in February, lots of incredible time spent in the north GA mountains, an awesome trip to Clearwater/Disney, a fun trip with co-workers to Chicago, an awesome trip with my new work team to DC where we toured the HMX helicopters VIP, a trip to Chattanooga to tour Rock City, a trip to Dollywood, a trip that included unexpected snow while adventuring to Tennessee for the Polar Express, a short stint in Marko Island, and countless other great memories. 
  • My sweet husband and I celebrated six years of marriage and 11 years of being exclusive. 
  • OH and not to be left out we watched the University of Georgia (my alma mater) become SEC National Champions! 
Here are a few of my favorite photos from this year:

While I am sure I am missing some of the events of this year all in all this year was just different, hard, and a blessing at the same time.  It was most definitely a year of growing, learning and relying on the Lord even more than normal.  If I had to pick one word to sum up what I learned in 2017 it would be trust. I always get a little melancholy wrapping up one year and beginning the next…because if this year taught me anything it is that you just don’t know what’s in front of you...while we have many hopes and dreams for 2018 (such as putting our house back on the market once the baby arrives and we can get our feet under us this spring and begin building our dream home/ welcoming a new baby girl and adjusting to life as a family of four, continuing to grow and expand in our new work roles, etc). here is what I know for certain...  I am thankful each and every day for my Savior, my family, my friends, my health and for you guys.  I do not take this relationship here lightly.  This blogging community blesses me more than I could ever explain.  You love me, you love my kid (soon to be kids), you pray for us, you encourage and support us too.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  This year was my 6th year as a blogger and none of it would be the same without YOU.  Thank you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Chelsea! I'm glad y'all have had an exciting year! I love reading about your little family and also have benefitted from the home projects you've done. Great job! Happy 2018 to you and your family!