Christmas Card 2017

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I love sending and receiving Christmas cards.There is something so very sweet about getting old fashion mail and I truly look forward to checking the mail everyday this time of year. I believe I have shared with you before that our family hangs ribbons up on all of our kitchen cabinets and attaches each card we receive to the ribbon with clothes pins. They stay that way until after Christmas so we can look at all of them everyday. After Christmas is over and the decor comes down we punch a hole in the top of each card and make a book out of a ring binder clip of the cards. We spend the next year praying for one family from our binder book each night. It's such a fun way to remember to pray for our friends and family and a tradition we love.

I wish I could send each and every one of you a Christmas card this year.  From the bottom of my heart, Merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you for reading along and sharing in our family's adventures. 

And as always, a big thank you to our photographer and friend Alena for capturing these beautiful pictures of our little family.  

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