Christmas Home Tour

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It's officially the most wonderful time of the year and I am excited to share with you all our annual holiday home tour. It looks a little different this year since our home is still on the market and we had to minimize clutter but we are still happy with the way it turned out. 

The front porch with my new Magnolia Market wreath from Target and my Christmas trees that light up at night.

This kid was following me around in his superman cape while I was taking pictures and insisted on being in a photo so here you go I interrupt this tour to bring you a photo of E.

Entry way entrance

We love our vintage Santa mugs I have collected at different estate sales 

We love our hanging advent calendar on the pantry door 

We collect the old Santa mugs but due to lead in the cups you can't drink out of them so we purchased these cute ones for our hot coco from Pottery Barn

I LOVE Nativities - this is my first of many throughout the house 

Love my vintage glass ornaments with a little greenery 

Our favorite nativity is the homemade stable made by my father-in-law that our kiddo can play with throughout the season on the mantel complete with ceramic Christmas figures 

I am also a total sucker for any kind of vintage red truck with a tree on top of it hints the pillow

I love all things vintage Christmas - my vintage glass bulbs along with some greenery fill my lantern on the mantle 

Note two more red trucks with trees in the back

The pallet wall is a mixture of homemade Christmas decor made by our little guy, sleigh bells, and of course our wooden wise men 

Our son loves this guy but in true confusion mode he sings every time you walk by so he has conveniently already "lost" his batteries 

Because as I mentioned before no room is complete without a tree and a nativity - this is our master bedroom mini tree and nativity 

I love the angel on my nightstand given to me by a few of my co-workers last Christmas 

Guest bedroom soon to be converted (after Christmas) to baby girl's room

Another red truck with a tree pillow in E's room

Notice more red trucks - I think I have a problem - ha
E also loves his Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Lots of special Christmas decor in my son's room including the tree house pictured below from the Christmas Village 

The Coke Santa also has a lot of special meaning as he was mine as a child and brings back tons of wonderful memories. My son also loves him and he was so excited to find the same one for his little sister at an estate sale this spring so now we are the proud owners of two vintage Coke Santa's.

That my friends concludes the downstairs portion of our holiday home tour. 

Before concluding I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite new additions to our Christmas decorating this year. I am an absolute sucker for a real Christmas tree. Just can't bring myself to put an artificial tree up in our living space. We love the entire experience of a real tree all the way from picking it out to stringing the lights, to decorating, to the smell. I don't even mind vacuuming up all the pine needles daily. The only part that has always made me nervous is the fire risk from a dry tree and all the lights (3,500 this year) that my hubby likes to put on the tree. That is why I was thrilled to add this little guy to our tree this year. 

The Evergreen Elf monitors water levels in your Christmas tree stand and gives an audio (cute little elf voice that says water low) and visual alert when water is too low. I highly recommend this neat product to keep your family safe this Christmas and to help remind you to water your tree. 

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