Winter Wonderland in Georgia

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This has been the most magical Christmas season already. Having a 3 year and experiencing the magic of Christmas through a 3 year old's eyes has been simply awesome to put it simply. And this weekend we got the surprise of a life time. SNOW in Georgia. BEFORE Christmas. And a lot of it! 

We just so happened to be planning a trip to the Tennessee mountains for a Christmas adventure (more on that later) and were shocked to discover snow on our windshield as we headed up I-85 through Atlanta. Usually the weather people make it out to be a huge deal and we get nothing but rain so the fact that we had snow after no-deal from the weather people shocked everyone. The more we kept driving the more it kept snowing and before we knew it the snow had accumulated on the road, it was pitch black, temperatures were way below freezing and we did not feel confident we could safely continue on the road so we decided to stop at a hotel in Gainesville, Georgia for the night. 

We built Frosty in a park across from our hotel. 

We woke up the next morning to approximately 8" of snow. I know my northern friends are laughing but please remember this is Georgia where we are not prepared for snow and anything over 1" is a LOT of snow. We had a blast playing in the snow and ended up driving up to the north Georgia mountains to join in on some sledding fun. What a truly magically experience for our little family and a Christmas memory we will never forget!

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