Top 10 Things to Do in NYC for a Weekend

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This past weekend the sweet hubs and I took a short trip to New York City for a little baby-moon. Although it was absolutely freezing outside we had a blast. Below is our list of our top 10 things favorite things to do in approximately 48 hours in NYC.

10. Wall Street

You really have to see it. Located on the corner of Broad and Wall it was an easy pit stop and was neat to see even on a holiday. I can't imagine how cool it would be to see when the stock market is actually open. Less than 100 steps from Wall Street there is a really neat Tiffany's store that is worth walking through and Trump Tower. The iconic bull is also very close by and worth looking at. 

9. 9/11 Museum and Monument

If you have ever been to the Holocaust Museum in DC this museum reminding me of that in a way. It was very nicely done and I am so glad we saw it but it certainly leaves you feeling very solemn, proud to be an American, and thinking about where you were on 9/11.

8. Times Square - The Ride

Get tickets to The Ride for a fun and entertaining way to view the city. We recommend getting night tickets. It's a show and a tour all in one and a total blast. Highly recommend buying the New York CityPASS in order to get tickets for this and many other events. It easily pays for itself and you can sometimes find this pass on Groupon for an even steeper discount. 

7. Grand Central Terminal

Absolutely beautiful to see and their cafe has some of the best food in the city. 

6. 5th Avenue 

Ah, I loved 5th Avenue! There was so much amazing shopping, food, and things to see in this area. From Radio City Music Hall to the iconic Rockefeller Center, to NBC studios and gift shop, to St. Patrick's Cathedral we loved this area and honestly could have spent an entire day or more here. Don't miss a stop at 5th Avenue if you are going to NYC. If you register in advance you can even get free tickets to a live taping. Hello Jimmy Fallon. 

5. Little Italy

If you want some of the absolute best food in the city we HIGHLY recommend Little Italy. Our favorite dinner spot was Benito One. It is a little tiny place where the owner sits in the corner and talks to you. It was literally the best pasta I've ever had. Reservations are highly recommended but not necessarily required just depends on how many people are there. After dinner head over to Ferrara Bakery for some of the best pastries you've ever had in your entire life. They are amazing and very affordable

4. Statue of Liberty 

Because everyone needs to see it, right? Arrive early! If you arrive after 2pm you will not be able to see both Ellis Island and Liberty Island. There are also great views of the city from the boat ride. Recommend sitting on the top deck. 

3. Empire State Building

The building is really neat and you can't beat the views. Although both day and night are pretty neat I recommend arriving when it opens in the morning as you will beat the lines and have a great view of the city. 

2. Go see Good Morning America filmed live

The good news is you don't need tickets in order to view the show. You can simply show up bright and early (6am is best) and watch from the window outside. However, if you register early enough in advance you can get free tickets to view inside the studio which would be great. Even if you are late and show up after 6 you can view outside the window for free until 9am (the anchors often come outside to say hello and sometimes even film outside). At 9am turn the corner of the street and you will see all the limos lined up for the guests and crew. You can stand there and get photos and autographs of the guests and crew departing the show from the door to the limo. 

1. Top of the Rock

Just as great as Empire State Building but in a different way. If you do both I vote doing this one at night and Empire State Building during the day. Again the CityPASS not only saves you money here but will let you cut the line which paid us great dividends. The elevator ride to the top is really neat as well. 

BONUS: Big Bus Tour
Comes with your New York CityPASS and you can hop off and on all around the city. Great way to see the city, learn more about it, and learn where all the celebrities live. We saw the church where Trump married his 1st and 3rd wives, Justin Timberlake's apartment, and so many more cool places that had we not been on the tour we would have not known what we were looking at. 

All in all there are SO many great things to do in NYC and this list is just a drop in the bucket, but, if you only have a few hours these are the things I would make sure you don't miss. I can't reiterate enough how much it will save you to buy the New York City pass (check Groupon) and ride the subway - I promise it is not as scary as it seems.

Have fun! 

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