Welcome Welcome 2018

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2018, welcome, welcome! 

This year has already started off with a bang. The Bulldawgs won the Rose Bowl and this girl could not be any more excited! 

I am so excited for 2018 and all it will bring most notably being my baby girl in only 56 days! AHH!! This year I decided to focus on 4 questions and a hand-full of goals instead of resolutions. 

I have four main questions I plan to ask myself throughout the year:
1. Who am I becoming?
2. What difference am I making?
3. What key relationships am I investing in?
4. Do my thoughts, words, and actions glorify God?

I find I don't like my answer to one of those questions I will adjust accordingly. 

I have set the following goals for this year:
  • Drink 8 cups of water a day
  •  Blog at least once per week
  • Read at least one book a month
  • Walk at least 2 miles every day
  • Learn how to be the mom of two precious kiddos
  • Become an effective consultant
  • Sell our home
  • Continue work on our dream house
  • Go on family vacation
  • Go somewhere with just my sweet hubby
  • Meal plan weekly 
I had this devotion earlier today and it spoke to me - what truth.

Oh 2017 you were so good to me and I look forward to seeing what all 2018 holds! 

This past weekend we got to see our baby girl in an ultra-sound and it was so amazing. We are looking forward to her upcoming arrival and have been working rigeriously on her nursery to prep for her arrival. Can't wait to show off photos of the finished product to you guys. In the meantime here is a pic of our precious girl.

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