10 Ways to Have a Happy Marriage

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In honor of Valentine's day just around the corner I thought I would share with you all 10 pieces of advice we have learned in our seven years of marriage (12 years together exclusively) that help us ensure a happy marriage. I can promise you we do not have it all figured out or the perfect marriage but we do have a very healthy and happy marriage and I am truly blessed to bits by my sweet husband. I have never regretted my decision to marry him and I don't ever plan to.  But before I share my thoughts on ways to help ensure a healthy and happy marriage I first have to brag on this man right here for a moment...

This man is a true rock star you guys. Through my entire 37 so far weeks of pregnancy (not to mention year and a half of infertility appointments) this man has not missed ONE SINGLE doctor's appointment. He has been by my side to hold my hand every step of the way. Not only that but he has rocked single dad duty as my new job as put my on road and thus taken me away from home many nights. I am so super duper grateful for him. He is truly my rock. 

Ok, enough mushy...on to the 10 ways to ensure a happy marriage:

1. Never, ever criticize your spouse in front of others.

Even if they deserve it try your very hardest not to ever criticize your spouse in front of your friends, family, etc. It is true what they say about words...they are your most powerful weapon and can't be taken back once spoken aloud. 

2. Praise your spouse in front of others. 

No one ever tires of hearing how great they are - especially in front of others. 

3. Do special acts of kindness for your spouse with no expectations.

Wash their laundry. Make them dinner. Wash their truck. Leave them a small gift. Surprise them with lunch at the office. The possibilities are endless.

4. Leave each other love notes for no reason.

We have an ' I love you because' board in our kitchen we we frequently leave other notes. However, any note anywhere works. Post it notes are your best friend. 

5. Keep the romance alive. 

Whether it is simply getting dolled up and going on a date when you least feel like it, bringing home some flowers, or reminiscing back to the good ole days when you first started dating and reminding each other why you fell in love to begin with keeping the romance alive is super important. 

6. Take at least one trip a year alone together. 

This one gets harder as you have more kids but we think it is super important. We take at least 3 days a year to go somewhere together alone on a little mini honeymoon. It is so important to have adventures together and continue to make new memories as a couple that don't all revolve around your kids. Whether or not we want to think about it at the moment one day our kids will be grown and it will just be the two of us again. 

7. Find something you enjoy doing together. 

It can be as simple as watching a show together or maybe it is taking an evening stroll or working out in someway together. 

8. Send each other surprise text messages throughout the day just to say "I love you."

Bitmoji's are your best friend. I'm just saying.

9. It's ok to talk about your kids. 

I know people say when you go out on a date night not to talk about your kids. I'm going to be honest I have never truly understood this...they are your kids together and that is something very special. Enjoy them together. Talk about what is going well and cute things they did/said. It truly bonds us closer together. 

10. Alone time is important. 

You might be thinking "what? I thought this was about your marriage?" Trust me when I say sometimes we all need a few moments/activities for ourselves in order to be a better spouse. We have found we need things to talk to each other about outside of work and kids and having alone time and our own friends helps us be better for each other. 

MOST IMPORTANT: Keep God in the center of your marriage.

You will have good and bad days in marriage just like anything else in life but at the end of the day keep God in the center and allow him be the one you go to with the complaints or praises. Nothing draws a couple closer than to pray together. There is something just so intimate about it. 

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