Top 10 Baby #2 Must Haves

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You guys...I have been so impressed with the latest and greatest baby products that have come out in the last 4 years since I had my son. It sort of makes you want it all doesn't it? 

If you are like me and expecting your second but unsure of what you truly still need hopefully this list will help you.

1. A Second Baby Monitor

If you are like me you are still using your first monitor for your first child so a second is a must. I did a lot of research and ultimately decided on this one.

2. A Second Sound Machine

Because again, you are in the same boat as us your first still uses theirs so a second is a must. 

3. Diaper Pail Refills

Because you can NEVER have too many of these. 

4. Diapers

I am a huge fan of Luvs - they are priced right and leak the least amount if you ask me. 

5. Second Car Seat Protector

Because we all want to save our leather. 

6. New Diaper Bag

If you are like me mine just got nasty from using it with our first. This time I decided on a diaper backpack and of course went with hot pink. 

7. Stroller Buggy Board

Ok I honestly think this is the neatest thing if you have an older child like I do. It attaches to the back of your single stroller so your older child can be contained yet you don't have to push a double stroller. 

8. Breastfeeding Moms: Lanolin Tube

This will absolutely save you. Trust me. 

9. Honest Body Wash and Lotion

Smells great and is has all the yucky stuff removed. 

10. Wipes

Again you can NEVER have too many. 

Moms with multiples...anything I am missing you would add?

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