Thoughts After 6 Weeks as a Family of 4

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Well it has been 6 weeks today since our precious little girl entered the world (a little over a week earlier than we anticipated)! To say time is flying would be the world's biggest understatement! Literally time has never gone so fast in my entire life. As any first 6 weeks of life the last 6 weeks have been full of many "firsts" for our family.This time around life with a newborn has taken more 'adjusting' as we settle into the reality of a family of four.

Here are some of my thoughts on the first 6 weeks....

We celebrated baby B's first St. Patrick's Day. 

I have come to the realization that getting a good picture of both kids at the same time at this age is IMPOSSIBLE.

Jealousy does not always show up in traditional ways. This kid has been nothing but super sweet to his sister. However, one day while dressing up the baby and taking photos of her he disappeared in his bedroom for a while (mind you the kid was in running workout shorts as he calls them and a t-shirt) and shows up a few minutes later in the above saying "take my picture" while doing all kinds of silly poses. He has also learned that disobeying and acting out gets Mommy and Daddy's attention quicker than waiting patiently while we finish whatever we are doing to take care of baby. So that's been real fun for all of us. Not.

This girl turned one month and we later learned that the first four weeks were much easier than the following weeks have been as baby B developed reflux right at 4 weeks. PS reflux sucks. We dealt with it severely with our first and were so happy to discover baby B didn't have it the first month of her life. Little did we know that there is something called silent reflux and it doesn't usually show itself until around the end of the first month. Since then we have set out on the journey of mommy altering diet, taking Zantac,and are now trying Prilosec and praying that helps. Day two and so far not much improvement.  We covet your prayers for improvement and much needed sleep for all! 

Our kids look a LOT alike. The above was each of them at one month. Yeah the genes run strong in this family. But least we make cute kids right? 

Have I  mentioned how much this kid loves his sister? It's all we can do to stop him from hugging her, kissing her, or trying to get on top of her every minute. Don't want to crush his sweet attitude towards her but poor sissy is like "hey can I please get some air space." Secret admission? I think she secretly enjoys the morning and early afternoons that he goes to school.  

Some days are really hard. Notice the unmade bed (that never got made - ok honestly hasn't been made in the last 6 weeks except for the days our house cleaner makes it) and the fact that I'm wearing the baby while wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt. Yup, that's my daily uniform now and I was wearing the baby here because that was the only way I could brush my teeth without her screaming. And that's the truth folks. Life has been much harder than it ever was with one kid. I don't know why I thought it wouldn't be like that but I was so wrong. It takes me forever to get us all ready and get out of the house. If I make it out before 10am I am high fiving myself. From an OCD Momma who likes the house to look great all the time nothing is ever "perfect" anymore, and most days it takes all the energy I have to make it on a single outing with both kids...and i'm talking easy outing folks; pick up our Clicklist order, run an errand, or go to lunch. I recently heard a sermon on progress over perfection. That's my new goal...progress...say it with me..progress..

Certainly a big part of us adjusting to life is the fact that we now have two kids (one who has severe reflux and one who is used to having all Mommy and Daddy's attention). The other part has been the C-section recovery. I have already mentioned it in prior posts so don't plan to spend much time on it but it has been much harder recovering from the c-section than it was a vaginal delivery for me. I was finally cleared last Tuesday at five weeks to hold my three year old which has been great and to lift baby B's car seat (life changing) but I still don't feel 100% myself. I would say that finally at 6 weeks I am 80% of the way there...the other 20% is in pain I will randomly have in my incision if I do too much (such as all the work I did for Easter) or if I twist the wrong way or run to chase or play with my son (no full workouts for me yet) and from the fact that my iron is still crazy low from blood loss which results in me getting dizzy and being exhausted all the time. I have been taking iron supplements to try to get it back to a normal range but it is still incredibly low so hoping I can get it higher again soon and get my energy up. The other awful part that I have not yet recovered from is random migraines which come on suddenly and I had never had before in my life prior to this delivery....and let me tell you a migraine is awful. Come to find out after talking with my doctor it is from my spinal tap during my c-section. Oh so fun.

Naps. I always prided myself on the fact that I didn't let naps dictate our schedule. Now?!? Not so much. The above is my worse nightmare when the big kid falls asleep in the car because it means a short nap for him (he won't transfer to his bed) and no nap for me. I have never been a napper but ever since baby B was born that has changed. Maybe its the very limited sleep I am getting at night, maybe it is the iron, or maybe it is just the fact that life with two kids is exhausting but either way I look forward to my daily nap even it it is only for 20 minutes. 

I have learned that not all my favorite baby products with E are my favorites for baby B. For example the rock and play sleeper. I raved and raved about it. Baby B could care less about it. This photo was taken in the minute and half she actually allowed herself to be set down in it. I am going to shamelessly plug two products that have been life changers for us this time around. One is the baby booties above that you see in almost every photo of our little girl. It is because they are the only shoes that 1) stay on, 2) fit her, and 3) actually keep her warm. They can be purchased off of Amazon here is the linkThe other is incredible diaper backpack which is the only way to go with two kids. We have this one and love it. It can be purchased here. When you are holding a baby or pushing a stroller with one hand and holding your older kid's hand a backpack is the only way to go. Trust me. 

We celebrated baby B's first Easter. Have I mentioned how hard it is to get a good picture of both kids together? And how much I love those booties. ;) 

All in all the past 6 weeks have been a total whirlwind. Most days I feel like I just woke up and it's already 5pm and I am not even sure what i have done with my day. I am SO thankful and blessed for these two precious children. To think that we were told we would never be able to have another child a little over a year ago and then to look at her sweetness now is truly a miracle from Heaven. 

Loving this sweet time on maternity leave and just praying that the next six weeks goes back wayyyy slower than the first six weeks have...

Thanks for all the well wishes, the love, the prayers, and the understanding on my not as regular posts due to exhaustion. 

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