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I am way overdue for an update on what I have been reading lately. So far this year i have finished 9 books and am almost finished with my 10th. While I have read a few that I did not love I have also read some great ones. To me reading is one of those ways I love to escape life and have some great "me" Mommy relaxation time. Give me a good hammock and and great book and I a happy camper. So without further delay here is the reviews of what I have read so far this year.

1. The Light We Lost by Jill Santopolo

I gave this one 7/10 stars.  If you choose to read this story prepare yourself. This is a book that’s super hard to put down and leaves you emotionally gutted. This love story that takes places on 9/11 is incredibly heartbreaking but I loved how it gives you a raw look at what drives most of us—finding that one person who leaves a permanent mark on our soul and the desire to always keep them close.  The only thing else I will say is that the  ending is what made me rate it a 7. 

2. Baby Proof by Emily Griffin 6/10
I gave this book 6/10 stars. I really like a good Emily Griffin but I do have to say this was not my favorite of hers. This was a quick, easy read but also didn't turn out how I would have liked which left me emotionally unsatisfied. Still a great story and worth the read especially if you are a EG fan. 

3. The Secret Life of Violet Grant by Beatriz Williams 
I am super bummed to say that this book came in at 2/10 stars as I did not like this book at all and do not recommend it. Which is disappointing as it was highly recommended by some bloggers I really like. I do have to say it has a great ending however I found it long and overall not very enjoyable or fun to read.  

4. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
This book takes the cake as my favorite read of the year thus far. I gave it 9/10 stars. I have to warn you it is incredibly depressing however it is such a powerful story of a French woman and her resistance during Nazi Germany. It is inspiring and had me thinking so much in such a great way during the book. Fair warning...you will cry. Go buy this magical novel now and read it. And have your tissues ready. 

5. Faithful by Alice Hoffman 
I gave this story 1/10 stars as it was another disappointment for me. It is the story of girl whose best friend dies in a car accident right out of the gate and her struggles throughout the book to become a person again. I'll be honest I just felt it dragged on without much of a plot. Save your time on this book. 

6. The Island by Elin Hillerbrand 
I gave this sweet and easy beach read 5/10 stars. It is the story of two sisters who spend a few weeks on island without power together. This story has it all laughter, heartache, and several surprises. If you need an easy girly beach read I would say this is a worthy option. 

7. Sams Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson 
This story was one I really enjoyed coming in at 8/10 stars. This book definitely gave me more than I expected. The cover, so Nicholas Sparks-ish totally lured me in as I am a sucker for Sparks. I assumed the story would be a woman reading letters from some long lost love but this story was not about that at all. You see, Sam, is short for Samantha. Sam is Jennifer's grandmother. Jennifer, her widowed granddaughter is called to town because her grandmother is in the hospital in a coma. Jennifer goes to her grandmothers house and finds stacks of letters that her grandmother wrote to her telling her about her life. The first letter begins with a shocking revelation that motivates Jennifer to continue to read all the letters in hopes of learning her grandmothers secrets. I don't want to spoil it so I will leave it at that but I really enjoyed this story and certainly recommend this book.

8. The Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth 
I gave this one 6/10 stars.  In the story Alice and her fifteen year old daughter, Zoe, are as close as they come to the point where they are a bit of loaners. Alice successfully runs her own business, her daughter Zoe is a high school student, who suffers from social anxiety disorder. The only person that Zoe can even talk to other than her mom is her friend Emily and even that has its moments. As soon as Zoe feels afraid, is given attention, is laughed at or smiled at, she does the only thing that makes her feel safe, she runs home to her mother. This, make Alice feel needed. It has always been the two of them against the world, so when Alice gets a devastating cancer diagnosis, she isn't afraid for herself, she fears for Zoe. And for Zoe, who can barely speak to anyone but Alice, her life will never be the same. She must be strong for her mother and find something within herself that's worth fighting for. It is a good story of how to find yourself outside of someone else. 

9. What She Knew by Golly Macmillan 
This was an awesome mystery that kept me on the edge of my seat the entire story so I gave it 9/10 stars. It is the thrilling tell of a kid who is taken while out with his mom and the mystery unfolds of the child's future and the mother's restless journey of finding her son.  Truly awesome story and highly recommend if you are in the mood for a mystery. Although fair warning...you may never let your child out of your sight again

Happy reading! 

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