We bought a house

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Remember that time I posted about how we had spent a lot of time, energy, and money to work with an architect to draw plans for our dream home? Well God has certainly been teaching me the past two years that sometimes He has different plans for your life than what you plan. 

All that said we bought a house the beginning of September and while it is still our long time dream to one day active on our house plans and build our dream home on the land we own we decided to delay this plan a few years and instead bought a gorgeous home only 6 minutes away from the land we one day hope to build on...why you may ask? To be honest the idea behind building with everything else we currently have going on in life along with the financial cost and time frame of wanting to be done by the time our son starts school next year just felt unachievable. 

So we instead found a house that while not our dream home (it is much more craftsman and much less farmhouse style) we still love it and are so excited to be in it. We have so many projects we want to complete in this house to make it "our style" but currently are chipping away at unpacking boxes (and purging our stuff). 

We took a leap of faith and very much felt God was calling us to this home so we purchased the home prior to selling our old house and God came through in a powerful way that only He can. We ended up closing on our precious first family home only 18 days after closing on our new home. 

I am so excited to show you all the home and the projects as we tackle them one by one to make the home feel like home to us. In the meantime here are some photos of the exterior along with a photo of one of my favorite features of the house - a giant sliding barn door that hides the downstairs play area from the rest of the house when you want to have guests over. Total mom win.

And last but certainly not least is that we are now on golf cart paths so of course we bought this guy. We love it and take it everywhere. Grocery store, dinner, haircut, you name it. Now to get a big Georgia G to pace on the front.  

Thanks for reading and I look forward to updating you on upcoming projects soon along with our recent Disney trip.

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