Dressing Your Babes Adorable on a Small Budget

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It's no secret I LOVE dressing my kids up in cute clothes. From dressing our son in adorable "big boy" clothes (bring on the boots, belts, button ups, and sweater vests) to dressing up our little girl aka my live baby doll (hello Texas size bows and all things smocked and girly) I truly enjoy dressing my kids in adorable clothes. However, I simply can't justify spending a ton of money knowing with the way they are growing there is a very real possibility they only wear the outfit a couple of times at best. Today I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite places to shop for kids clothes without spending an arm and a leg. 
The Smocking Bug - truly love this shop to purchase relatively inexpensive (for smocking at least) adorable smocked wear. Here are some photos of my favorites I have bought from them in the past. 

 Terrible photo but both kids were in the cutest outfits. Also bow is from the hairbow company (detailed below). 

Amazon - don't underestimate it guys...I have bought SUPER cute clothes from Amazon for my little girl from Amazon. I recently purchased my daughter's complete thanksgiving outfit for family photos all from Amazon. It included these knee high socks,  this cute outfit and these moccasins. Serious I am a huge Amazon fan. Their kids clothes are super affordable, have turned out to be great quality. Plus they allow me to shop from my living room and have free returns, um, hello.  

Mudpie - they have the cutest stuff. Especially holiday clothing. And they run sales that you simply can't beat. Check out their clearance and stock up for the next season. Seriously...I bought her Halloween outfit for next year for $1.74. Check out their sales under $10 for the best deals. I paid $4 for a needlepoint football belt for our son that is Southern Comfort cute. The below outfit I purchased for like $8. 

Once Upon a Child or Consignment Sales - ya'll don't underestimate a good consignment store and/or sale. I have gotten some of our best, most adorable things at Once Upon a Child and consignment sales. Lots of it is either barley or never been worn (again kids grow out of stuff crazy fast). For smocked outfits expect to pay around $10, cute boutique type outfits between the $5-$8 range. Typical Carters outfits are usually $1-$3. My favorite consignment find was a pair of almost new looking Ariat boots for my son for $1. Yes, $1. My husband is legit jealous. These boots new in toddler size run over $90! I also love to stock up on costumes at consignment sales. My little ones love to dress up and $2-$5 is my price range to stock up on costumes at these type of places. 

Hairbow company- this store has quickly become my go-to for adorable clothes and those "Texas size" hair bows for my daughter. They truly have the cutest clothes that are unique, adorable, boutique quality for super low prices. Especially when they run sales. Plus once you join their rewards program they send you for coupons and rewards. LOVE THIS COMPANY. I also purchased the adorable tiara (pictured below) for my daughter from this company for $1.50 that she wore when we were in Disney last month.  Ya'll so many people asked where we bought this baby tiara. I literally had someone offer me $30 for it if I would sale it off her head. Probably should have taken them up on it but I wanted it for the rest of the week. Below is one of my favorite outfits and the tiara I was referencing.

Those are my top 5 places to purchase inexpensive, yet adorable clothing for my kiddos from most recently. But we would love to know...where do you get cute, affordable clothes from your kids? Comment below and let us know! 

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