Creating Fun in Your Home

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Hello, friends. 

Today I am sharing my tips and tricks about something I am SUPER passionate about and that is creating fun in your home. Now before you go all "are you kidding me? I hardly have time to keep my little people alive and fed" on me hear me so "I hear ya sister." I too feel the same way. If you have followed me for any time at all you know I work full time outside the home, have two little ones, and also fight that never ending battle with laundry. Hear me say I am by no means intending to make you feel the pressure to put something else on your plate but instead want to encourage you to be intentional on creating fun moments with your children in the everyday. 

Why? Well it is because it is a goal of ours to create a home in which our children feel safe, loved, and enjoy coming home to. We want to create a safe and fun space that our children came be their true self and a place they want to bring their friends to as they get older. Finally when my children grow up I want them to look back and remember our family as having a ton of fun together. So how do we prioritize fun in our home?

1. We make it a point to plan fun events as a family. They can be as simple as a fun day out to the zoo or a the local bounce house or even a picnic to a local park. These often end of being some of our favorite events. We even have been known to book a night at a local hotel and spend the day at the indoor pool in the winter. For gifts we ask our family for subscriptions and passes to all the things so we can affordably participate in outings as a family. We strive for at least one a week. 

2. We capitalize on holidays. Holidays are an easy time to create easy, fun memories for your family. Putting up a few simple decorations is an easy win no matter the holiday. We also love to celebrate all the days. For Valentine's day we create heart shape pancakes and have a family candle light dinner. For Christmas we make gingerbread houses together and spend a night driving around town in our PJs with hot coco looking at Christmas lights. For St. Patty's day we dye our food green. National donut day? We make a morning trip in our PJ's to the local donut shop. Little simple things such as wearing your PJs out in public become magic to kids when they are out of the ordinary and you make it a fun tradition. 

3. We play together as family. We know that kids learn best through play so we make sure to set aside time each day to play with our kids. Evening game of Hide and Seek? Afternoon time playing 'kitchen' in the playroom? What better way to create sweet memories and also teach your children via role play then by playing with them at their level. 

4. We create family traditions. For example we have shifted pizza and movie night to PJ palooza. PJ palooza happens usually twice a month in our household and we all change in to PJs, make or order a pizza, and watch a movie while eating pizza in the living room. Simply giving it a name adds a whole new level of fun to this simple event as a family. 

5. We turn car rides into family conversation/game time. I am not a huge advocate of DVD players in cars as we have found when there is one that's all our kids want to do but when there is not a DVD player available we have some of our best conversations and/or play games as a family. Our favorite? "Name that tune" to Disney songs on Pandora. First one to name the Disney movie gets a point. 

6. We look for easy ways to add fun to our home. I put magnets on my washer/dryer to the kids can play magnets while I do laundry. We have also put a kids kitchen in our big kitchen so they can cook while we cook for the family. We draw "roads" in chalk on the driveway during the summer so the kids can ride their big wheels and bikes through the "village." 

We are hopeful in that being intentional on creating fun for our kids that they will look back and remember our home as a safe place that they enjoy coming home to full of amazing and fun memories. 

What are some of your favorite ways to create fun in your home? 

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